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One of the most difficult moments for us is to say goodbye to our dogs. After having seen them being born, bringing them up and then living with us for several years, the pain is even greater.

However, just like with their puppies, the time comes to look for a new home.

So, when our mothers are 5 or 6 years old and have given birth 3 or 4 times at most, we like to find a good family which can give them all the hugs and kisses we can’t, as it is not possible to giving all our love and attention to one or two dogs and not all the others we have with us. Also, experience has shown that they live very, very well, and become the “queens” of the household.

Therefore, if you are reading this page and would like to be one of those fortunate enough to adopt one of these dogs you must answer a series of questions and sign a contract, similar to how it is done in rescue centres.

And if you want to see how our adoptees are living, click to see their photos. here to see their photos. (information only available in Spanish by the moment)

At the moment we have no mothers available for adaption.

Thank you for your interest

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